K’sen Silk is a small, family-run business created by Khanh Vimalanathan. Originally from Vietnam, Khanh became a seamstress shortly after moving to the UK, honing her skills as a Sample Maker in Hackney. With a head for business, Khanh was passionate about working for herself, but it wasn’t until the first lockdown that the idea of creating an online store became a reality.

Combining her passion for sewing with her love of silk, she began to make silk pillowcases for her children and soon had friends requesting orders too. Khanh explains:

“So many people want to wear silk but are put off by its inflated price point. Silk shouldn’t have to cost the earth; everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits.”

Today, K’sen Silk has grown beyond the sewing machine at the kitchen table and now encompasses both of Khanh’s homes, Vietnam and England. The 100% Mulberry Silk comes directly from the source and is stitched in small batches by two artisanal seamstresses in Vietnam before making its way to UK shores.

So, with your purchase, you’re not just supporting our family business, but the families that help us make it all possible.